Volunteers from Youth-Serving Organizations

The Youth Teaching Adults program provides youth with a fantastic leadership and meaningful volunteer opportunity. The program is best delivered by high school-aged youth in one-on-one settings. You could choose to run the program at your youth-serving organization or bring your volunteers to an adult-serving organization’s location in your area.

How does the program work?

Youth Teaching Adults workshops encourage youth to develop their leadership skills by helping adults increase their digital literacy. The program is highly flexible and adult learners choose what they want to learn. Host organizations run as many workshops, as often as they like. We recommend 90 minutes for each workshop, and you could choose to shorten or extend your workshops, based on learner needs.

The first step toward running a Youth Teaching Adults workshop is to sign-up online by completing the Sign-Up for a Workshop form. Once submitted, your Youth Teaching Adults Programs Coordinator will work with you to secure a partner organization (an adult learner-serving organization) in your area. Your Programs Coordinator will also give you access to the online learning platform where you can find facilitator and youth volunteer training, lesson plans and additional resources.

A representative from your organization will serve as the Youth Teaching Adults workshop facilitator. The facilitator works directly with ABC to coordinate workshops and completes the online training (a great addition to your professional development portfolio), which includes:

  • Training and managing youth as tutors in a one-on-one setting
  • Providing helpful feedback to youth to help them improve their teaching skills
  • Identifying skills gaps in youth and adult learners and matching youth volunteer-tutors with adult learners

Youth Teaching Adults is completely introductory so you don’t need to have a lot of experience with digital literacy education to facilitate workshops.

Workshop Materials

All of the Youth Teaching Adults training and workshop materials are online. By booking your workshop, you gain access to all of the online materials.

Sample lesson plans: Google Maps, Google Search

Evaluation: You will receive a pre-and post-workshop online evaluation link for each learner and youth volunteer-tutor in your workshop. We use the completed evaluations to assess the program impact and effectiveness to ensure the material is relevant and interesting to learners. The online evaluations must be completed before and after your workshops.

Some examples of lesson plan topics:  

  • How to use Google Calendar
  • Connecting WiFi on your smartphone
  • How to use Gmail
  • How to use a photos or picture gallery app
  • How to use Google Maps
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