Frequently Asked Questions

About Youth Teaching Adults

What is Youth Teaching Adults (YTA)?

Youth Teaching Adults (YTA) is a free introductory digital literacy program for adult learners, led by youth volunteer-tutors. The program is run in partnership by ABC Life Literacy Canada (ABC) and Youth Empowering Parents (YEP). Anyone looking to share digital literacy education by bringing free programming to their community can run a workshop. Workshop materials are available online and can be adapted according to the needs of individual groups.

How much does it cost to run a YTA workshop?

All YTA workshops are completely free for organizations to run. Simply sign up online to access the free online workshop materials. In fact, we’ll provide an honorarium of $100 to the first 100 host organizations that run the program. All we ask is that you submit completed surveys from your learners, volunteer-tutors, and facilitators.

Are YTA workshops appropriate for younger adults? For newcomers?

Absolutely! YTA is designed to be flexible and is relevant for all adult learners who wish to improve their basic digital literacy skills.

How many lessons are there to choose from?

We currently have over 50 lesson plans to choose from in English and French, and we’re always adding more.

About the workshops

What do I need for my YTA workshop?

To run a YTA workshop, you’ll need to bring together two groups of people: adult learners who want to learn about digital literacy, and youth volunteer-tutors who want to teach adults about digital literacy.

Additionally, you’ll need to provide a place for the workshop to take place (this can be in person or online). You’ll also need devices if the adult learners aren’t using their own computers, tablets or cell phones.

If you’re running your YTA workshop online, you do not need to recruit youth to lead your workshop. The online facilitator training will prepare you to lead your workshop directly with your learner(s).

What if my organization doesn’t have the technology or the space to run YTA workshops?

Your adult learners can always bring their own devices to YTA workshops. If you require more space or access to desktop computers, try contacting your local library or community centre to reserve space.

What do you mean by facilitator, youth volunteer-tutor, and adult learner?

The facilitator is a staff member or volunteer from your organization. They act as a “coach,” supervising and supporting the tutor/learner pairs during the workshop. The facilitator is also the main point of contact with ABC.

If you’re running your YTA workshop online, you do not need to recruit youth to lead your workshop. The online facilitator training will prepare you to lead your workshop directly with your learner(s).

The youth volunteer-tutors are young volunteers recruited from a youth-serving organization such as a high school or an after-school program. The volunteer-tutors work one-on-one with the adult learners to teach digital literacy skills. They are typically high school age.

The adult learners are adults of any age, recruited from the community or an adult-serving organization such as a retirement home or an adult learning centre. The adult learners get to decide which digital literacy lessons they wish to learn from their volunteer-tutors.

What if I don’t feel confident with digital literacy as a facilitator?

You don’t need to have a lot of digital literacy skills to facilitate a workshop, since your youth volunteer-tutors will work directly with the adult learners. We also provide free online training for both facilitators and youth volunteer-tutors, and the lesson plans are very easy to follow.

Booking a workshop

How do I book my YTA workshops?

Book your workshops at Here are some of the details you should have ready:

  • number of learners and volunteer-tutors expected
  • dates
  • times
  • location of the workshops (either in-person or online)

Once we’ve received your form, we’ll provide you with everything you need to run your workshop!

What if I don’t know the exact dates for my YTA workshops yet?

You can book your workshops with tentative dates.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants needed to run YTA?

No. You can run YTA with a big or small group of learners. 

How many workshops should I book?

We recommend booking 3-4 workshops to start, and you can always book more later. Remember that youth volunteer-tutors might have limited availability during school hours.

How many times can I run YTA workshops?

As many times as you’d like! There is no cap.

Promoting your workshops

How do we train our youth volunteer-tutors?

ABC provides free online training for youth volunteer-tutors. This includes short readings and activities that build tutoring skills, such as how to communicate and how to work with adult learners. Youth should complete the activities before being paired with adults. Youth can do these activities on their own at home, or at your location before the workshop. Online training takes roughly one hour to complete.

Can I integrate a YTA workshop into my existing curriculum?

Yes, absolutely! Any time you plan to use our content, either in whole or in part, that is considered a workshop and we ask that you please take a few minutes to book your workshop online.

During the workshops

How long does a workshop last?

We recommend scheduling 60-90 minutes per workshop, but the duration of each workshop can vary depending on the needs of your adult learners. For online workshops, we recommend they be no longer than an hour.

What if there are more adult learners than youth volunteer-tutors?

No problem! You can have one youth volunteer-tutor teach two adult learners who want to learn the same thing. Your youth volunteer-tutors can turn this arrangement into a learning activity if they teach one adult learner the lesson and then get the learner to teach the lesson to another adult.

What if there are more youth volunteer-tutors than adult learners?

No problem! You can have two youth volunteer-tutors work with one learner. They can use the teach-back method described above: if one tutor teaches the adult the lesson, then the adult teaches the lesson back to the other tutor.

After the workshops

Can youth volunteer-tutors earn volunteer hours to put toward their high school diploma?

Yes. Youth volunteer-tutors can use their participation certificates as proof of their volunteer hours.

Do the youth volunteer-tutors/adult learners/facilitators get a certificate?

Yes, we have participation certificates available for tutors, learners and facilitators. You can download certificates directly through the online facilitator training, which you can access once you’ve booked your workshops.

Still have questions?

Contact your regional programs coordinator. We’d love to hear from you!