Youth Teaching Adults is a free introductory digital literacy program for adult learners, led by youth volunteer-tutors. The program helps adults increase their digital literacy skills with the support of youth volunteer-tutors who are looking to develop their leadership skills.

The program is a collaboration between ABC Life Literacy Canada (ABC) and Youth Empowering Parents (YEP). The two organizations have come together to bring the program to underserved communities across Canada.

Workshop materials have been developed by YEP, and adapted by ABC for clear language, for use with adult learners. The program is presented with funding from the Government of Canada.

How It Works

Youth Teaching Adults works best in a one-on-one workshop setting either in person or virtual. Organizations simply sign up to run one or more workshops, and ABC will instantly provide you with online training, lesson plans and other helpful resources.

You’ll also be assigned a regional programs coordinator that you can contact with any questions.

You can run as many workshops as you’d like, as often as you’d like. We recommend 90 minutes for each workshop, but you could choose to shorten or extend your workshops based on your learners’ needs. For online workshops, we recommend a maximum of 60 minutes. Most organizations choose to run a series of three to four workshops over a six to eight-week period.

Workshop materials are written at a literacy level 2 (grade 6-8 reading level) and use Clear Language and Design (CLAD). The program is highly flexible and adult learners choose what they want to learn. All workshop materials are available online and can be adapted according to the needs of individual groups. With over 50 lesson plans to choose from, adults can learn how to use social media, navigate a smartphone or set up email.

Who Can Run a Workshop?

Anyone looking to share digital literacy education can run a workshop using our free lesson plans.

Some organizations that have run workshops include:

  • Schools & School Boards
  • Libraries
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Seniors’ Centres
  • Learning Centres
  • Community Health Centres
  • Newcomers’ Centres
  • Community Centres
  • After-School Programs

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“I am glad to host this program and I am sure it will be a success.” – Facilitator

“I believe this program will give them [the learners] confidence and independence, it will make their life much easier.” – Facilitator

“A lot of our clientele live alone and are not familiar with using phones or computers, so having a space for them to talk and explore new things was incredible!” – Facilitator

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Youth Empowering Parents

The Youth Teaching Adults program was developed in collaboration with Youth Empowering Parents

With funding from Canada

This project has been partly funded by the Government of Canada through the Digital Literacy Exchange Program.